Alexa Multi Room with Arc and Sonos Amp

  • 30 October 2020
  • 1 reply

First off I did read the announcement and thread for “Sonos Now Playing with Alexa Groups” and understand Alexa can group Sonos speakers together in a group or echo speakers in a group, but can’t mix sonos and echos speakers in a group.


I want to be able to group ceiling speakers on a covered patio with a soundbar connected to the TV in my family room so that I can play the same music in the family room as the outside patio, or just use them independently to watch tv in the family room or listen to music outside. 


If I put the Sonos Arc soundbar in the family room, and get a Sonos amp to power the speakers on the covered patio, could I connect the Arc and the Sonos Amp speakers in the same group? Could I also connect an echo dot to the Sonos Amp so that those covered speakers are essentially voice controlled via Alexa?

1 reply

You can group any Sonos devices to play in sync so that sounds fine.

You can control any Sonos speaker by voice using the Arc, provided it can hear you. Otherwise an Echo Dot somewhere on the patio would give you voice control from there.

There is no need to physically connect the Dot and the Amp by cable. In fact it would be best not to. You would put the Dot and the Amp in the same Alexa group and make the Amp the 'preferred speaker' for that group.