Alexa lowering volume

  • 19 October 2017
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58 replies

Same issue here, i have 4 Alexa devices in rhe house and when the kids talk to them the music in the living room is lowered! That is very annoying. Sonos: please sort this out as it is a really pointless Alexa skill at the moment.

Sonos, this is outright obnoxious that this still occurs. I have my Sonos Play 5 in my office. There are Echo Dots in the Kitchen and other places. Every time the kids talk to Alexa on any one of the dots anywhere in the house for any reason, it attenutates/lowers the volume in my office. They use the dots constantly for games, music, etc. I can't even listen to music with this obnoxious Sonos Alexa skill enabled!
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Hi everyone, today we've announced an integration with Sonos and Alexa Groups which makes the volume lowering with Alexa on Sonos, and more, much smarter. Check it out here.

Can anyone confirm that the problem is solved?
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Can anyone confirm that the problem is solved?

Yes works well but you do have some set up work to do, have a read of this thread or the Sonos Announcement that tells you what you need to do in Alexa.
Works also for me. ?
I deleted the Sonos in my office (from alexa) and the ducking stopped. Thanks for the advice!
I have 2x echo dot gen 2 and 1 gen 3. The two gen 2s drop the volume but the gen 3 seems not too
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Please see my guide to Alexa Groups and ducking: