Alexa interrupts the music???

Is there a way to have Alexa only interrupt the music in the room that she resides?
My daughter got a Alexa solo for Christmas and as soon as we hooked it up in her room she began asking it questions nonstop ... ( to be expected) unfortunately every time she asks it a question in her room it interrupts the music throughout the entire house in every zone... this is extremely frustrating when we’re trying to listen to music in the kitchen or out on the porch and the music constantly times out because she is asking Alexa how to spell a word or something in her room. Simple answer to this is to disengage Alexa from the Sonos system altogether however I had already purchased for Sonos ones with Alexa for the other bedrooms in the house... I have not opened the box yet because I do not want this issue to continually happen with my other kids as well... Unfortunately if this issue cannot be resolved I’m going to have to return all four of these Sonos ones and get the Sonos without Alexa so we are not interrupted. Certainly someone else has to have experienced this issue ...???

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You need to go into the alexa app and delete under smart home all the Sonos speakers that you don't want to duck (you won't be able to voice control those then).

Hopefully Sonos and Amazon are able to make good on their attempts to make it so you can link an alexa to a Sonos so only the single Sonos ducks.
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Except that when you delete a speaker in the alexa app, it helpfully finds it again sometime later. This ducking all speakers I believe is on the schedule to be fixed. I would think its the single biggest problem with the 'beta' alexa integration and needs to be fixed asap but not sure if it's Amazon who need to do something first. Would like to know a timescale.

Sonos Staff have suggested something is to be done with the ducking process, as it stands, but have not given any specifics, or timescales. I would wait to see what happens in the next update... note you don’t need to remove the Sonos devices in the Alexa App, you can disable them ... you can also remove them from your online Amazon account to stop them being automatically rediscovered. That will at least resolve your issue until the ducking process is resolved.
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I am brand new to Alexa's world, and when I received my Echo Dot, I installed the Sonos skill.
ANd like you, I discovered that while playback is ongoing with Sonos, the simple fact of asking a question to Alexa will interrupt the music on the Sonos system, even if the music was launched directly from the Sonos App (and by the way, I was not able to play any music on Sonos when I asked Alexa to do so...).

So I understand that the integration is still crappy.
No other solution than removing the Sonos skill fro Alexa?
Has there been any progress with this? Anything to report on when it will be addressed? This problem makes Alexa/Sonos integration completely unusable for any household with more than 1 person living there...
I'm not sure if Sonos is even working on this any more. The focus seems to be on getting Google integration out the door. There hasn't been anything to indicate when the Alexa beta will end and the promised ducking fix and local library access will become available.


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