Alexa integration with Sonos in Brazil

  • 30 August 2021
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Dearest employees at Sonos,

I can’t state how frustrated I got when I realized, after purchasing a pair of Sonos One (which a friend of mine brought from the US) and connecting to my place in São Paulo, that I could not use the voice assistant Alexa. The cost of the speakers was R$2.3k (which is the equivalent of two monthly minimum wages in my country), too expensive for it not to have this capability.

I have seen many people desiring exactly that functionality in the forums here at your website. Therefore, I believe you have a market waiting for that update.

Best Regards,



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2 replies

Hi @bru1987,


Unfortunately, Alexa isn’t available on Sonos in Brazil at this time. Amazon are the deciding party when it comes to expanding their service to new regions on third-party platforms, such as Sonos. We’re working hard with the team at Amazon to bring support to additional regions, but we don’t have any news to share about support for Brazil at this time. I’ll be happy to pass your request for Alexa on Sonos in Brazil to our team for consideration :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I faced the same situation here in Cairo, Egypt. All I had to do was match my Amazon Alexa account location to the Sonos account ( in my case, the US) through a free VPN service.

P.S. Alexa hasn't been supported in Egypt to this day 

Fingrrs crossed