Alexa Grouping Nightmare!!

Hi all,

I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall with this forever …


I have Sonos speakers distributed through the house, along with various Alexa devices (dots and flex mainly). My Sonos kit uses a variety of models from old to relatively new, and includes a couple with SVC.


I have groups for each room, and then an over arching ‘House’ group with all my Sonos speakers in it.


This used to work fine … I could call out specific rooms are ask any of my Alexa devices to play music everywhere (House).  For the last year or so (possibly since changing to a mesh WiFi system) I’ve had nothing but difficulties.


If I ask Alexa to play music, the speaker she choses appears to be completely at random. She will never play from all the speakers in the group.


SVC is much better,  but once music has been started from Alexa I have to manually go in and deselect then regroup all the speakers.


Does anyone have an experience on a similar set up? I did chat to Sonos sometime ago, but they got stuck on the mesh issue and pretty much stopped trying to assist me.




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The system works perfectly using the Sonos app!

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Before tracing voice control issues: how is the system behaving if you use the app as a controller? Is the system ok, even on the mesh network, or might that setup be causing underlying issues?