Alexa echo Plus and Sonos

  • 11 March 2018
  • 7 replies

I can control Sonos One (bedroom) and Sonos Playbar (Den) with Alexa Echo Plus - no problem. My question is weather I can play same music on all three devices at the same time.

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7 replies

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No - you can't group Sonos speakers with the Alexa. You can group the two sonos speakers and that is it.
Thanks Cris. So the only thing the echo is good for to do voice commands, right.... If I were to buy the new Sonos which has Alexa build in, could I group it with the other (older) Sonos?
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Yes the Sonos One will group with all other Sonos.
Thank you, CHris.Then it makes absolutely no sense to buy the Echo Plus - right - or am I missing something?
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There are a few feature amazon keeps for their devices. Most notably calling features Sonos One can’t do.

The echo plus also acts as a home automation hub. I use smartthings as my hub as it has many more features then the amazon hub for smart home.
Ahhh, thanks for your valuable info. Much appreciated. I guess one has to clutter with all of it!
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At the moment for the best sound and the most feature rich Echo/Sonos configuration, I'd suggest an echo dot to go with any Sonos player that doesn't have a microphone. There are useful features on the Echo that the Sonos One doesn't have, and it is easy to get a pair of Play 1s and a dot for less than a pair of Sonos Ones.