Alexa doesn't talk

  • 6 October 2017
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After integration with Sonos, Alexa responds to commands and plays music. However, she no longer talks to me. No more riddles, no more weather reports, not more "Sleep tight". Please help.

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6 replies

Silly question, but is her volume up?
The only silly questions are the ones of which I don't have an answer. Yes, I think so, but I'll recheck that when I get home today. Thank you for the help and have a great weekend.
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Silly as it sounds, I did notice that my Echo volume was extremely low the evening after I setup the Sonos skill. I didn't think about it until I saw this post, so maybe the volume has a tendency to "reset" from something in the process...
Same question from me. Have a Dot connected by Line-in to my Connect Amp. Prior to updating this morning, I could hear Alexa words (ie asking for the time or weather), but now the talking volume is an inaudible silent whisper.

Any way to get the talking volume up. I thought I had managed by really whacking up the Sonos and Alexa volume, but they nearly blew my eardrums when I went back to music.

As the Dot has no speaker, it’s now useless if I have it connected to the Sonos amp.

Any help appreciated. Thanks
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Sounds like you guys might be experiencing the issue we talked about here with the volume ducking on the line in. The team is looking into it.
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Make sure that when you give volume commands, you specify the Sonos room/zone name... otherwise you'll be adjusting the Alexa device volume instead! You might have unintentionally turned down the Alexa volume when you meant to turn down the Sonos volume, but didn't realize it until now.