Alexa discovers Connect Amp as Roam

  • 2 November 2021
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I searched the help quite extensively for this issue but didn’t find anything. Nevertheless apologies if I missed something and this has already been answered.

I noticed my Echo Spot is no longer controlling my ConnectAmp in the kitchen and on further investigation it seems it now thinks the Connect is a Roam. I have deleted it from the Alexa app and rediscovered it, it still discovers a Roam and won’t control it. I tried renaming it, that didn’t help.

Here’s the thing, I did have a Roam for a couple of weeks but returned it as, to be honest, it was a bit crap, constantly losing connection and needing resets. It took ages to get it set up in the Sonos 2 app, whilst leaving all my other devices connected to the Sonos 1 app….so I am guessing this is at the root of the issue. I have, however, removed all the Sonos 2 stuff from phones and laptop.

Does anyone have any suggestions short of me completely starting from scratch, removing all my devices from the Sonos app and rediscovering them?



Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 2 November 2021, 11:45

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Check the three sections of the ‘Alexa Enabled Groups’ in your Amazon Alexa App to see what devices they mention. Also, if you goto using a PC browser, or a mobile web browser in ‘guided-access’ mode, check what devices you have in the Alexa settings and when all is sorted, remove the Sonos Skill, give it a minute or two, then restore the skill, accept the sharing agreement and re-scan for your devices.

Also if your devices were previously registered as an ‘accessory’ in Apples iOS Homekit - check the devices have been removed correctly from that App.

Hope those few quick suggestions help you to get the matter resolved.