Alexa - different rooms out of Sync

  • 24 October 2017
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Got a Dot today using the discount code - thanks. Been playing about and noticed something. After asking Alexa to play Radio 2 in the kitchen (play 3) (started fine), I then asked her to play Radio 2 in the Living Room (stereo pair of Play 1's)

The Stream started OK but was significantly out of sync with the Kitchen. Obviously the rooms were not grouped but I would have expected the audio to be synced - I believe had I started 2 independent streams via the app (not grouping) the audio would still be in sync - maybe I am wrong on that? I was experimenting really and would normally just group the rooms (I expect I can do this via voice at a later date) so not a big deal but I was surprised with this.

Anyone else noticed this

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3 replies

You are correct, that method is starting two separate streams that will always be out of sync. You must group the rooms using the Sonos app, either before or after issuing the command; if issued after grouping, ask to play in any one of the grouped rooms and the whole group will play.

As to this feature coming, at this time grouping 3rd party speakers via Alexa is not supported by the Alexa interface, although there is talk of a new AVS Multi-Room Music SDK coming early next year that will address 3rd party grouping. Whether Sonos can utilize this new SDK remains to be seen.
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Thanks for the prompt reply - I hope the grouping of rooms via Voice is something that can be achieved. My 2 big asks that will really bring Voice into my home will be the ability to initiate play from Spotify via voice commands, and also ability to play from my Music Library which is stored on a NAS. From what I have read it seems these will both be possible at some point in the future. If not I expect I will revert back to simply using the App - but I think this is a great start and the discounted Dot was really appreciated, thankyou
Spotify is definitely coming, hopefully by the Christmas date stated by Sonos on Facebook. Not sure on the grouping thing, because the SDK is not fully ironed out yet, but I too hope it is possible.