Alexa cutting beginning off of song

  • 9 March 2021
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Alexa will talk over the first few seconds of the song with name and artist of the song when requesting to play a song.  I’ve looked all over for a fix and cannot find anything.  Can someone please address this?


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 9 March 2021, 19:03

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2 replies

If I ask Alexa to play some music, she normally responds with something along these lines…

"Here is a playlist you might like, the top 50 most played songs from Amazon Music” (as an example) and then the music begins.

So I suspect what you are perhaps encountering depends on the type of request and the response will be one provided by Amazon - you might be best to therefore address the issue with Amazon, I suspect?

It’s a known issue with others reporting the same thing.