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  • 11 January 2018
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I have 2 echo dots and a couple of sonos play 5 and sonos ones. Playing spotify on the play 5 works great through the “alexa play xyz in livingroom” command. Up untill today i could say “alexa stop” or “alexa skip/next” and the commands would work if anything was playing on the play 5. For some reason now i HAVE TO SAY “alexa stop living room” or “alexa play next song in living room” (on the sonos one i do not need to specify room name, which works as advertised) Why do i have to say the room name, it used to work without that for stop or skip commands (it is also advertised to not need to specify room name for those commands)?

I tried disabling sonos skill, deregistering, rebooting echo’s and sonos to no avail.

Anyone have some advise how i can get this to work as it used to? I do not mind specifying room when initiating playback, but expect the context to remain when saying stop or skip without having to specify the room name.


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5 replies

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This is how my set-up works and is the difference between an Echo Dot and a Sonos One - not sure why it worked without the room name before.
Thanks for the feedback. So on your set-up you have to indicate room name even to skip a track?

With me it used to be that to start playing i would have to indicate the room, but to stop or skip i would not have to.

If you read the sonos skill description in the alexa app it also states that for next, pause, resume commands you do not have to indicate the room name (speaker name)

This is what confuses me, on my set up this used to work, but now i have to indicate the speaker name for next, pause and resume commands

Thanks again UKMedia
By the way, i recently changed the wake word for one of the echo dot units to “echo”. Now i have one that responds to echo and one responds to alexa, while the sonos one also responds to alexa, might this be related to the issue of having to indicate speaker name for next, pause, resume commands?
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I've just tested this again and I agree something has changed with this regard. The Sonos skill was updated this week, so this may have changed some the commands.
Too bad, liked it better the way it was 🙂