Alexa command "Open [app]" does not work with Beam and Fire TV stick

I have a Beam with an Amazon Fire TV stick 4K. I have linked the devices in the Alexa app and can switch on tv, start playing programs (e.g. "play Peaky Blinders”) and all works well (TV will switch on and play the requested program). But if I cannot just open apps (e.g. “open Netflix” or “open Prime Video”); when I do instead of going to the home page of the app it takes me to the search page of Fire TV with the app I asked for highlighted. Everything else seems to work and the “open app” commands work if I use the Fire TV remote. Clearly the command has been heard and sent via the Beam to the Fire TV stick, but it does not get as far as opening the requested app. Am I missing something?

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I am having the exact same problem but have not found s solution yet! Quite frustrating as the Echo Dot we had connected previously worked flawlessly.
I think these are the Fire TV commands available via the Beam, once you have linked the device in the Alexa App:

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