alexa command beeps on Sonos Era 100

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Bought Era 100 today, I use amazon Alexa with it for our music. The speaker kept beeping with every command. I turned off the request beeps on the Alexa app, which stopped it, but for some reason the Era starts beeping again on voice commands, despite it still being turned off on the Alexa app. We have a couple of Sonos Ones in other rooms, and have never had any issues with them. Am I missing something with the Era 100. 


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Hi @bluesman 

Thanks for your post!

It sounds like you just need to alter a setting in the Sonos app - please go to Settings » Services & Voice » Amazon Alexa » [room with Era 100] » Wake Word Chime and toggle it to Off.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help, it’s sorted now. I’m really impressed with the Sonos Era 100, so much that I’m considering buying another to pair up in stereo, at present I use it with Amazon Music, one of the reasons I bought it was it had a line in connection, and as I have a big Cd collection which is in storage, and I would buy a cd player to connect up and use the cds again as well as buy new ones, we have a Sonos one and one SL in the lounge in stereo which is really good, the Era 100 is on another level though. If Anyone have a stereo pair of Era 100’s would be interested in what you think, and is it worth spending on an expensive cd player or would an older Rotel, Marantz, Cambridge be ok..