Alexa Chime, Alexa Wake Word, Alexa Voice Volume, Sonos One

  • 18 November 2017
  • 2 replies

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I have had my Sonos system for some time and love it. I have been looking forward to the Alexa integration and Sonos Ones although I was hopeful that a full integration with Apple Music would be there from the start.

I have a couple of Sonos Ones which I added to my system as surround sounds and they sound great. However, I would really like the following:

1. Ability to disable the Alexa chime as it is unnecessary.
2. Ability to change the wake up word as it keeps thinking it hears Alexa on every programme we are watching.
3. Ability to control Alexa voice volume separately as it’s just too loud.

Looking forward to future developments.

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2 replies

I would also like Sonos to fix the wake word problem. Having Sonos One not have the same level of functionality as the Echo makes things confusing in a multi-device environment where you would expect consistency.
Same here. I was hoping to use Echo as the wake word like our other devices. It's especially confusing since our daughter's name is Alexa.