Alexa-based Audible problems

  • 3 November 2022
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Just bringing up the problem with Audible stopping after a few minutes when initiated using Alexa on Sonos.


Did this ever get properly resolved? We have the same issue here. I’ve read a few threads but as far as I can see there is still no resolution to this after many months. Apologies if I am missing the obvious but I haven’t found an answer.


I’ve raised this with Audible too but they are not being a great deal of help.


This is a deal breaker for us. If we can’t get Audible working properly when controlled with Alexa, we’ll have to sell our Sonos products and look for a different platform. This probably suits Amazon because Echo devices may well be our only option, but it doesn’t really work well for Sonos. It would be a shame though. I love our Sonos system.


Audible works fine when controlled through the Sonos app, it’s only the voice control that causes problems, but as a household we all read audio books veraciously, so this is a big deal.




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9 replies

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Hi @Jeredorn 

Thanks for your post!

We are aware of the issue and our developers are currently looking into this but currently have no timeframe on a resolution.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. We’ll give it a couple more months and then look to switch platform if there’s still no improvement.

I'm in the exact same boat with Audible, and about to leave Sonos ecosystem and return/cancel the 20+ speakers I've ordered. 


Tried reauthorizing, changing wifi channels, resetting routers, diagnostics with support etc. 


Looks to be an issue with Sonos Alexa staying connected to Audible as it plays for 4 minutes with unresponsive playback controls then stops. Almost like it's playing the 4 minutes buffered, but already disconnected. Progress does not get saved when restarting play back. Position in the house does not matter, and tested it in multiple with Sonos Roam. 


Not ideal but secondary solution I would take is Sonos Voice Control with Audible. At least we can then use Audible reliably hands free. But Alexa for full smart controls would be ideal.


Glad its being looked at, and hope this can be fixed! 

This has been going for well over a year for me. I gave up thinking it was just me or that Sonos will say it’s an issue with Alexa or Audible.

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This problem has been here for a long long time, one or maybe 2 years. Even if this may be fixed in the future, it will be too much time for such an important feature.


Any updates on this issue. Very frustrating.

The Audible playback thing is a deal breaker here too.  I mean I am not going to get rid of my Sonos infrastructure but i’ll replace with Echo in the apropos rooms until eventually I have no Sonos gear, I guess.  It’s depressing to have to go here.  Integration is only good as long as stuff works.


It really is unfortunate, and frustrating that Amazon can’t fix this issue, no doubt. I wish it was a Sonos issue, it’d be fixed already. 

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Hi @Jeredorn et al

We now consider this issue resolved. If you continue to see this issue, please get in touch with our technical support team directly. Thank you.