Alexa and two Spotify accounts

  • 8 January 2018
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My wife and I have two separate Spotify accounts. Our Sonos apps have our own Spotify account on our own phones. We each have Alexa on our phones. We tend to control our Sonos with Alexa. Alexa will only play using my Spotify account - if I'm driving I can't listen to Spotify if the family are listening on Sonos even though my wife is there with her phone and account.

How can I make Alexa/Sonos choose the Spotify account of the phone that's connected to the sage WiFi

Is there anyway round this?

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8 replies

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Here is some info on multiple accounts on Alexa. Now that Alexa can recognize individuals you may be able to do without telling alexa which account.
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Badge +22 here is some more info
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here is more info on recognizing various user voices.
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This looked promising but found out you have to have at least one non-Sonos Alexa-enabled device to set this up as far as I could tell. We only have the Ones so could not Enable it. Anyone else have any luck?
Yeah we need this too, and only have Sonos Ones.
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I have a bunch of dots in my house so can’t confirm if correct or not regarding needing a real Alexa device to enable. Dots are real cheap and handy - may be worth picking one up anyhow.
Was anyone able to get multiple Spotify accounts working with or without having an Echo Dot? I'm not opposed to buying a dot to get this working but I don't really need another Alexa device if it doesn't work.
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You can have multiple sonos accounts in Sonos and control multiple accounts via the Sonos controller.

For voice control it is handled by Amazon Alexa so the above then doesn't apply. Right now I do not believe amazon allows you to use multiple Spotify accounts via voice profiles. It does allow via Amazon Music Unlimited the addition of multiple accounts for each voice profile (so dependent on the users voice it chooses the account to utilize). This is what I assume you would want for Spotify .. but I don't think you can do that yet (you could double check under voice profiles in Alexa app).