Alexa and SonosOne

Does Sonos1 make my existing Amazon Alexa obsolete?

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In what way? You can control all Sonos devices from any Alexa enabled device. That doesn't change just because Sonos brings out a speaker with Alexa built-in.
I think I understand. It will be like having 2 Alexas in my small home. I can have Sonos1 in my living room where I want to add a speaker, and move my Amazon Alexa to the upstairs family room where I have a Play1. Then I will have an Alexa device on both floors, and be able to control Sonos speakers throughout the house by voice commands from either Alexa that what you are saying?
Yes. Any Alexa enabled device can control any Sonos device.
That’s great. Thank you for your help.
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What I would like to know is will the Sonos:1 replace the Play:1 in time and will there be a Sonos:3 and Sonos:5 in time? I would like to have the Alexa facility in my kitchen but I have a Play 3 in there. Should I wait for a Sonos:3 and, if so, roughly when might I expect one?
It's called the Sonos One, not the Sonos:1, in order to differentiate it from the PLAY:1.

Sonos has not yet announced that they're planning on executing on a Sonos 3 or Sonos 5, so it would be hard to imagine that they'd be releasing either of them before Christmas, as you would normally want to announce it now, before the holiday season, for pretty much the reasons you're stating.

Will there ever be these? We won't know for sure until Sonos announces them. As you may have noted, there was absolutely no discussion in these forums predicting the Sonos One, so we really won't know.

This is typical behavior for most companies, as announcing upcoming pieces will normally affect the sales trajectory of the current product. So, my prediction, without any inside knowledge, is eventually, it's pretty likely. But I'd be stunned if it were to happen before the end of the first quarter next year, and much more likely after the second quarter.
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I think you're right in everything you say Bruce. It's frustrating when companies behave like this with commercial information. Yes I might not buy a new speaker yet if I know there's a Sonos Three coming out next year, but ultimately I'd be spending more when they do. I've E-mailed Customer Support as well but I expect I'll get a stock anser that they are not aware of any plans at present, even though there probably are. Thanks for your response anyway.
You're most welcome. It's just the world we live in. I understand their position, but I'm always looking for more information that they're willing to give out.
Right now it's to early to say when SONOS will announce any more new products with Alexa support.
I purchased the SONOS ONE with Alexa. I don't recommend it currently. Similar to the Ecobee4 Thermostat, It has limited control and settings compared to just using the Echo Dot. The Alexa 3rd party hardware within the SONOS ONE will depend on when Amazon does any updates. This is all still new to SONOS and Amazon and the engineers are working on improving it.
On the other hand, if you look at it as a PLAY:1 at a equivalent cost, with extra features that are in development, and may or may not be ready quite yet, it's a pretty good future proof investment. Assuming right now that you're not creating a stereo pair with a PLAY:1, I'd say that the Sonos One is definitely a better investment.
I think the answer to the question is "Not yet.". While the ONEs are awesome, there is at least one thing you can do one your Amazon echo that you can't do on the ONE: Read notifications.