Alexa and sonosnet

  • 4 October 2017
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Hi. I use Sonosnet throughout my big old house to provide WiFi to all my android devices. It's brilliant and is fast and solid as a rock.
I bought an Alexa echo dot. It's sat next to my kitchen play five. My Google pixel phone can see the Alexa and control my Sonos, and access the internet through Sonosnet WiFi. But Alexa will not see the Sonosnet....just the really week signal from my distant router.
Any thoughts on how to get Alexa echo dot to connect to Sonosnet WiFi?

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3 replies

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Hi pmallett, good question. Alexa devices (and for that matter all wireless devices accept for Android phones and tablets running the Sonos software) can't connect to the SonosNet wireless signal.

I'll pass the request along for you.
As an alternative, you could cable an access point to the Play:5
Thanks guys. Yeah the whole Sonosnet thing is a key feature of Sonos for me. I have a big old Victorian house with thick stone walls. The Sonos mesh network has succeeded where all manor of WiFi extenders have failed. (Also Sonos for music and TV rocks...I'm at 9 Sonos speakers and counting ?)

In fact Sonosnet was the reason we switched from Apple phones and tablets to android!....because they now get WiFi everywhere.

We use power line as well for fixed devices like PCs so this may be a way of getting wi-fi's to Alexa. It would just be neat to use Sonosnet.