Alexa and Sonos setup sucessfully but not playing music

  • 6 October 2017
  • 7 replies

I setup the new alexa skill for sonos and alexa understands my commands correctly.
I replys correctly, that the e.g. tunein program is played on a specific sonos device.
However, the music just does not play.
Also if I speak a command to stop playing music on a sonos device, it just does not stop it.

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7 replies

Check to make sure there are not duplicate names in your smart devices on the Sonos app. Also make sure your Alexa devices are not named the same as your Sonos devices.
Yes, that is not the case.
Same issue here. Cant get it to play anything (had it working initially when I first set it up) but no more. Seems to acknowledge the commend then nothing happens. Been waiting for this for ages, very disappointed. Might consider switching to Apple's HomePod after all.
Since you are participating in a beta, I would submit a diagnostic and then post your issues and the reference number to the beta feedback page here:
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Re tune-in difficulties...wait 30 seconds to a minute...and tune in will come on. At least it does for me. The stream takes a while even using the app, and longer for the Alexa integration. But it does come on...
Finally got it working (again) by rebooting the Echo Dot. Also noticed that using the name of any Sonos room that is grouped with another makes both play (which is good). Find having to say "play xxx in room yyyy" a bit tedious (and prone to mis hearing). Hopefully Alexa devices will soon be "aware" of the room they are in and which devices they should treat as default so I can just say "play xxx" and it will play on my Sonos in that room.
I’m having this same issue. I borrowed someone else’s echo dot initially to test how useful it would be, managed to get sonos and Alexa working fine but now I’ve bought my own echo dot, Alex recognises my command and plays it back to me but the music just doesn’t play. I’ve tried resetting the echo but no luck. Any other ideas?