Alexa and Playbar

  • 26 October 2017
  • 3 replies

I have several echo dots and Sonos speakers. When engaging with Alexa, the volume on all the speakers is reduced. The one exception to this is the Playbar when playing audio from the TV rather than music. Is this due to be fixed ?

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3 replies

This is the "ducking " feature and is there to enable the Dot to hear you better. Right now it does mutes all speakers except the TV source, but it is slated for enhancements in the future. Whether that means being able to turn the feature off, or being able to assign a Dot to a single speaker/room and only the assigned unit(s) will mute, remains to be seen.
Having implemented my own Alexa skill to control Sonos, I understand the need for the “ducking” feature. It is pretty essential to my home automation working well with Alexa. So I’m happy Sonos have that feature now, but am hoping as you suggested, that echo devices can be assigned to rooms to avoid the annoyance of the ducking feature working across all speakers.
I assume if that were implemented then it would be more feasible to mute the TV if you know the echo being activated is in the same room. It also may remove the need to specify the room name if you want to play music in the same room.
I wait impatiently…
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I am glad my playbase does not currently mute. Long may it stay that way 😃