Alexa and Play 5

  • 10 October 2017
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Sorry if I've missed this conversation, but I'm new to this forum.
I've been waiting to purchase a Sonos Play 5 until it's integrated with Alexa, which I thought was coming. I wasn't expecting this integration to be physical as with the new Play One. Rather, I was hoping to be able to tell Alexa on my Echo Dot what to play on Spotify, and the result would be a silent Echo Dot while Spotify is playing on the Play 5 over wi-fi. Is Sonos planning this sort of integration?

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4 replies

They made several announcement including the one you have been waiting for, you can control any of your sonos devices by using an alexa enabled device such as a dot see

its still in public "beta" and note that currently it does not support starting music from Spotify by voice, you would need to start from the spotify or sonos app and then use voice for in play commands such as pause, volume and skip track. Spotify support is "coming soon" but for now its pretty much Amazon music or nothing.

Thanks for the explanation Dom_3. It's all very promising and I'm excited about the eventual possibilities. But it sounds like the integration will be quite rudimentary initially, or at least not very useful if your primary music source is Spotify. If I get the Play 5 now, I guess I'll just have to plug the Echo Dot into the aux-in on the Sonos. I'll then have the full Spotify control that I'm looking for, albeit with substandard sound quality.
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It's limited today, but my *guess* is that Spotify voice control may be the very next thing added.