Alexa and hey sonos have stopped working

  • 9 April 2023
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Both Alexa and hey Sonos have stopped working. I can play music thru the app, but all voice control is gone. I rebooted speakers, deleted and reconnected WiFi, deleted and added both voice controls (which worked upon initial so mics are working) but then would not work after setup. I signed out of every account and logged back in. Nothing!!!!! Is the Sonos server down? Thx Jackie


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3 replies

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Hi @Jackie W 

Thanks for your post!

Please try the following steps (which sound very similar to what you have already tried, but with some differences):

Please try disabling and re-enabling the Sonos skill for Alexa in the Alexa app. Alexa app » More » Skills & Games » Search Alexa Skills and type Sonos » Sonos » Disable Skill. Once done, tap Enable to Use.

If that doesn’t help, there’s a more complicated solution:

  • Repeat the steps above, but do not tap Enable to Use at the end.
  • In the Sonos app, go to Settings » Services & Voice » Amazon Alexa » go through each room with Alexa installed in turn and Remove Alexa » Confirm.
  • Once all copies of Alexa have been removed from Sonos rooms, go back to the Alexa app
  • Alexa app » More » Settings » Device Settings » tap each Sonos-related entry here and tap Registered To (Deregister).
  • Once all Sonos-related entries have been deregistered from the Alexa app, return to the Sonos app.
  • Sonos app » Settings » Services & Voice » Add a Voice Assistant » Amazon Alexa and follow the on-screen prompts. Our Set up Amazon Alexa with a voice-enabled Sonos speaker help page has full instructions.

If these steps don’t help either (or do, but only temporarily), I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.

I hope this helps.


Well I spoke too soon. Alexa is out again. It worked for about 30 minutes. Started over and got hey Sonos working as long as I don’t add Alexa. Actually did this process twice and both times Alexa quit after about 30 minutes. Says my device is offline. It’s not offline because I can use app to play different stations. Obviously something with Alexa. Back to square one. Any ideas? 🤷‍♂️

We got it fixed. It was something with Alexa. I removed both voice controls and then added hey Sonia back and then Sonia would work. Added Alexa back and they both quit working again. So I removed them again, deleted speakers out of the Alexa app, then deleted and reinstalled the Alexa app. Then setup speakers in Alexa (skills) and then added both voice controls back into the Sonos app. That finally got it working and both voice controls are working just like when we first got the system. No idea what happened but like I said it was something within the Alexa app I believe. If anyone else has this problem, try this and hope it helps.