Alexa and Flash Briefing

  • 21 October 2017
  • 29 replies

Just doesn't seem to work. Alexa says "flash briefing" (which is an idiotic name) is starting and then nothing happens...I've checked all the proper boxes the Alexa App...even checked and unchecked different news sources...nothing. Silence. Anyone have any thoughts?

Best answer by Ryan S 2 November 2017, 23:51

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29 replies

I understand all the complexities, but as my first Sonos experience I am disappointed. Should I just get some Alexa's and plug them into amplified speakers?

For the 'full' Alexa experience that's currently indeed the preferred way to go. You could also connect some Echo Dots to your Sonos gear sporting 3.5mm jack line-ins.
Hi everyone,

We're working with the Alexa team and Flash Briefing will be available on the Sonos One this year, by November 22nd.

Has this been completed? It still doesnt work.
Is this skill working with the new Sonos One yet please ?
It's working but not properly for me. I have several flash briefings configured. It plays the first one fine, announces the skill fo for the second one, then stops. I can play them all individually if I specify them in the command, but my dot plays them properly.