sonos playbar and eero mesh wifi

  • 1 December 2022
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Hi - I had Comcast as my wifi with my Sonos and had no issues. When I added eero with three nodes, while keeping my Comcast router, my sonos playbar would no longer connect. I direct connected the playbar to eero with an ethernet cable, opened the Sonos app and forgot my wifi system > network > manage network (even though it has the same name and PW), and went through the process to “fix the connection”. I tried to connect to the wifi once and it failed. So I tried again and unplugged the Ethernet cable while it was connecting. Fixed all my issues and works great (without resetting a bunch of settings). Thought I’d share if it helps!  

1 reply

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Hi @MusicloverLA 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

All I can say to that is “Huh!”, that I’m glad you’ve got it working and thanks for sharing!

Playbar has a 5GHz radio but will not connect to 5GHz WiFi as it reserves the radio for bonding to surrounds and Subs. I suspect that when you first tried, either your phone was connected to 5GHz and tried to get the Playbar to do the same, or the Eero mesh was trying to “band steer” the Playbar on to 5GHz.

With mesh WiFi, it can be advantageous to have any one Sonos device (but not surrounds or Subs) connected to the main mesh node via ethernet.

Thanks again!