sonos play 5 gen 1 and tp link mesh wifi boosters

  • 5 December 2023
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The S1 app which is used for the old Play 5 gen 1 says "unable to connect to Sonos". I think it's to do with the TP link deco M5 mesh system I installed recently. I can reconnect by switching the router off and on, but it never lasts and the next time I open the app the speaker is gone again.

If someone could help in step by step idiot proof terms I'd be eternally grateful.  TIA


Best answer by ratty 6 December 2023, 17:45

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Switch your Deco mesh into access point mode.

Ahhhh. Ratty, 'm really grateful for your reply but is this the only fix? Its just I'm very reluctant to lose the anti virus protection that Router mode gives...

In that case make sure nothing (other than the Deco) connects to the main router. If you can, disable the main router’s WiFi, otherwise ensure those credentials are removed from every device. Obviously in the latter case your Deco WiFi name would need to differ from the main router’s.

Omg I actually managed to do it and it worked!

A thousand thanks Ratty


I have the TPLink Archer AX90 plus 5 other mesh extenders. Yup 5!!! Thinking the issue why all my Sonos were bouncing in and out was due to insufficient coverage. Then after trying every possible recommendation out there, I discovered the Advance Wireless setting that allowed me to change the 2.4GHz bands from b/g/n/ax to just b/g/n after setting the channel to auto, the band to only use 20MHz didn’t help.