Sonos New Home Multi-Use Setup

  • 5 October 2023
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Hi everyone, 

I am renovating my retirement home and hope to get a simple to use, fuss-free all in one system to watch TV, movies, listen to music. Currently, using Roon+Qobuz+QQmusic. May use Apple Music.

The overall design was made based on the idea of using a full set of SONOS system to pair with a 75” TV, compromising of the following:

  1. Sonos Arc
  2. Sonos Sub G3 x 1
  3. Sonos Era 300 (pair)

Have 2 considerations in placing the era300 (position 1 in orange on two ends of the side boards and position 2 in pink at the rear of the sofa set). Illustration of layout as shown below. May place a turntable behind the sofa set on the side table to link to the Sonos system wirelessly.

I am inclining more towards placing the Era300 at position 1 as i hope it will cover the dining area when listening to music. However I am unsure if this can be done well. 

Auditioned this set up earlier this week based on position 2 (at the authorised dealer in South East Asia). It sounded good in terms of movies, capturing lots of information, but the surround sound lacks vertical dimensions, eg. TopGun scene when the plane flew overhead. In terms of music, the overall sound is rather harsh and lacked refinement, a far cry from my current hifi set up.

Would like to seek opinions from the experts here to find out more about this system in terms of my home layout. I would also want to know how to improve and achieve a more refined sound with this Sonos system. Or is this Sonos system appropriate?

Looking forward to any feedbacks. Any inputs are greatly appreciated. Thank you.



3 replies

If music quality is a priority -- and I’m assuming with Roon/Qobuz it definitely is -- then you’ll be in for some inevitable compromises with any soundbar setup. Moreover Sonos will ‘only’ handle up to 48kHz content. What’s your current HiFi setup?

Don’t think resolution of music resolution is the main issue as i had heard better sound quality at lo res music playback.

current home set up:

apple mac mini (2012) | huawei s5700 dual ocxo switch | sonore opticalRENDU | holo audio May KTE | classé cap80 | raidho x-1

Don’t think it’s fair to compare with the above set up. The main thing about the sonos sounded harsh and piercing to the ears on higher frequencies. Just want to know how I can tame those frequencies to make them sound nicer to the ears.


Finally the Arc + Sub Gen 3 + (2 x Era 300) are set up and Trueplay tuned. Putting aside the sonic texture quality, I am very happy with the results. Enjoying music with less hassle via Apple Music, QQ Music.