Pair additional speaker with Ray Soundbar

  • 16 January 2023
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Hi All - 

I just added Sonos to my gym via a Ray sound bar on the TV.  My wife does guided workouts using the TV. Particularly on the treadmill, the TV speakers too far away to reliably hear over the treadmill motor.


I'd like to use a Play 3 as an additional speaker, essentially just playing whatever the Ray is outputting.  I was able to add the Play 3 to the system with no problem, but it sets itself up into a new room ("Gym 2").  


I'm figuring I can just put the output of the ray to the Play 3, but is there any way to permanently group these together?  (Improved know....). 





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3 replies

Short answer is No.

You can bond a pair of speakers to the Ray to always be a part of your original room, but that is only as surround sound speakers.  It wouldn’t help to hear the stereo audio that you currently have trouble with the Ray.

You can have your Gym1 and Gym2 setup like you’ve got going, but for TV audio, the Ray will play immediately to match the video, but your play:3 will be slightly delayed due to buffering requirements. That would create an echo effect when both Ray and play:3 are on.  That won’t happen when steaming audio rather than TV. 

Another thought is to connect the TV via bluetooth to a Sonos Move or Roam, instead of Ray.  That way you can move the speaker to whatever part of the gym you want to hear the TV.  Roam won’t sound as good as the play:3, but the Move is about the same with better tuning.


Damn..... I see what you're saying.  Guess I should have done a little more research on this one.

I'll Play with it some and see how bad the lag is.... These are treadmill workouts, so she may or may not notice a slight delay.....

By way of follow-up, and for what it's worth.…

Gave it a good trial this morning.  There is a *very slight* echo effect, but it's truly not that bad.  It's well within acceptable for a room used only for a gym.  


There's really no noticeable lip sync delay either.... Fortunately I think I'm going to get away with the solution for now.