How do i add my Nas to music library on new app


I have just updated to the new app. I have a Nas drive on my network i want to add to my sonos system. I cannot find a menu to allow me to add the details of the NAS drive to add the music library.



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That function is currently not available on the new app.

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But somehow it was available in the previous version- what’s with this picture.. over a week and this has not been addressed yet. Let’s take not a nice feature but more like an actual functional feature and let remove it so we can piss the consumers off once again, and send them to shop for other services. Phenomenal!

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A month or so to wait, it seems:


I do not understand how you have taken this Feature from the Mibile App but you can use Music Library on a PC / MAC.

What is the logic? 

How many people walk around with a PC in Their Pocket waiting to stream music!!

As an Installer of Sonos Products you have left us a a very bad Position