Works with Sonos: AVR Not Finding Sonos Connect

I have a Onkyo TX NR787 AVR that supports the "Works with Sonos" feature. Part of the setup process involves attaching the AVR to your network and letting it search for your Sonos components. However, my AVR can't find any of them. I verified they're on the same subnet. I tried hardwiring them- first to the same switch, and then by connecting to the AVR to the hub on the back of the Sonos Connect. I also tried using wifi.

I did a round of troubleshooting with Onkyo, and they think my receiver is working and can't explain why it can't see the Sonos components.

Any ideas? Did something change in the network discovery protocols in the recent v10 update?

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I have the same issue with Onkyo TX-RZ730 & TX-RZ1100. I think, there is a problem with latest Sonos firmware 10.0. I have contacted Sonos support, but they think the problem is on Onkyo side. The ticket number is 583435.

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