Wired connection between Amp and ARC

  • 7 January 2022
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Hi all,

I currently have a SONOS ARC and Sub (Gen 3) for my TV, with ARC connected via HDMI to TV, and Sub wireless to ARC. I am buying a SONOS AMP to hook up two in-celing speaker as the surround sound. The issue I have is that, the AMP will be placed in the basement, so there is fair bit of concrete and dirt between the ARC and AMP. As a result, the wireless connection may not work.

My question is that, can I connect AMP via Ethernet cable to my POE switch? In this case, do I also need to connect my ARC via Ethernet cable to the same POE switch?  What about the Sub, can it be left as wireless connection?

I have read through a couple of threads, some said that wireless is the only way, others said this would work. Thanks!


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4 replies

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Is it possible to place the Amp in a corner of the room with the Arc and run the wires from there inside an interior wall to the ceiling? You might even use a nice finish plate like the one shown here.

Thanks. Currently they have wire those speakers to the basement, so ideally, if hardwire connection to POE switch can solve the issue, then I do not want to do the re-wiring for the speakers. 

Wire the Arc to the network in addition to the Amp.

The Arc may work wirelessly but the connection to the Amp would be more susceptible to latency spikes. If you simply can’t run an Ethernet to the Arc then wire another Sonos device close by (but not the Sub). You could use a Boost for this.

The Sub can be left wireless, on the Arc’s own 5GHz.

Whatever you do, don’t disable the ‘WiFi’ in the Sonos app settings for the Arc. It does no such thing: it disables the SonosNet 2.4GHz and Home Theatre 5GHz connections.

It would however be best to disable the Amp’s ‘WiFi’.

Thanks! This exactly answers my question. I will leave the amp in the basement and then connect ARC to via ethernet.