Will there be an LTE Router update for the ARC/Sonos app?

  • 7 December 2022
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Just purchased the Arc/Sub3/2xOne set up and just found out that this Sonos system cannot connect to a wifi router that uses LTE (4G) as its internet source. It makes no sense to me as the speeds are comparable to boardband, it has enough speed for 3 people to use say Netflix, youtube and scroll social media at the same time.  In near future I will update the Router to a 5G one which will have speeds of up to 100mps+. But even as it stands the Sonos system would configure with a 5G router. 

And unfortunately where we live does not have the option for the traditional fiber/Ultra broadband etc. 

It is a shame as I was really looking forward to having this Sonos set up.


Before I return it, I would like to know if Sonos are intending to do any updates that would allow users with a LTE router register and use their products?

28 replies

It is SO unlikely that you will be able to set up on a hotel WiFi that I would advise against taking the Arc.

@John B and @melvimbe Agree. In theory it makes no sense why a it cant connect to the Router regardless of the source of internet. 



That’s not what I said.  It’s not uncommon for LTE routers to lack the functionality that Sonos needs from a router.  It has nothing to do with source of the internet, but the functionality they provide.  Instead of trying to maintain a list of what routers do and do not work with Sonos, they are taking the option to just not support the category routers that they can’t guarantee will work.

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Check to see if your LTE Router/Modem is providing some cybersecurity protection. If so, you might want to investigate how to whitelist the SONOS website. I would also download Wireshark and have this running while you attempt to register the account.  This will allow you to diagnose the connection issues. In order to reduce the traffic, please stop all other application from accessing the Internet before starting SONOS.