WiFi extender: Grouping speakers with Arc connected to router

  • 3 April 2024
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I recently setup a WiFi extender and after much troubleshooting, I managed to group my Sonos Move with my Sonos Arc setup (connected to router via ethernet cable), which uses a pair of Era 300s as surrounds. 

Earlier, I wasn’t able to group them due to the error message saying that a speaker needing to be connected to the router despite the Arc being connected to the router. I didn’t know this was an issue with extenders but my WiFi doesn’t quite extend throughout the whole house so I was hoping it would help with slow/spotty internet.

Anyway, I am hoping I don’t have anymore issues with grouping my Sonos speakers despite the extender but I am hoping someone can clarify/confirm I shouldn’t because the Arc is connected to the router.

(In the future, I might want to extend my set to include an Era 100, for example. I’m also hoping I won’t have issues with the Move again.)

If this might become a problem I need to worry about then I would assume I should drop the extender altogether.


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There are some mesh systems that are compatible with Sonos, but in general wifi extenders aren’t. So if you depend on using an extender for other devices than Sonos, you might have to prevent the Sonos devices like Move that aren’t compatible with SonosNet from connecting to the extender. That for example can be done by setting different SSID or using a mac adress blacklist if supported. 

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I agree with @Schlumpf you should seriously consider a Wi-Fi Mesh system. If you own your current equipment you can easily replace it with a Mesh.

A Mesh Wi-Fi system consists of a Main node which is the router and one or two Satellite nodes that you place strategically throughout your home. Most off-the-shelf mesh setups allow you to use any one of the nodes as a main. Of course the opposite may be true with some.

If you are using equipment provided by your ISP you can still purchase a Mesh setup. If the ISP hardware consists of a router and separate modem you would mothball the ISP’s router and substitute yours. If the ISP’s hardware consists of a combo router/modem you would place the router portion in Bridge mode (or just disable the WiFi if possible) and connect your router to the ISP’s modem.

I have a mesh Wi-Fi network using my ISP’s hardware which consists of a combo router/modem that I placed in Bridge mode and connected my router (main node) to the ISP’s modem.


Thank you for this suggestion! I realized I was having trouble with more than just my Sonos setup so have decided to return the extender I purchased. Apparently, everything works better without it. I’ll look into a Wi-Fi Mesh System for my next internet upgrade. Hopefully that will work a lot smoother.