What setup is needed for turntable?

  • 9 January 2023
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I recently setup an arc and sub for our living room and added a move to expand the sound into the kitchen (next to each other in an semi open concept layout). It works great and we love it. 

I want to get my husband a turntable or a way to listen to his vinyls with our current speaker setup if possible. Should I buy the sonos turntable or will the amp or port work with his existing old school turntable, currently set up in the basement with a receiver and terrible old speakers. I’m very confused about it all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 


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2 replies

There are a few different options.   Sonos Five, Port, and Amp all have aux inputs, so you can connect your existing turntable, or new turntable, through one of these devices.  Note though that these are not phono inputs, so you will need a turntable with built in pre-amp or a separate preamp as well.

There are also turntable that can output bluetooth, as well as bluetooth adapters.  The Move is compatible with bluetooth, but it can’t share the bluetooth audio with the rest of the Sonos system.  The newer Roam, can though, so it may be an option to consider.

A third option is to run the turntable output through your TV as one of the TV inputs, which will then feed the Arc like it currently does.

Last, there is a new turntable  that can apparently wirelessly send audio to Sonos.  I don’t know how well it works as it just came out.

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To integrate his old system the Port would be best, check to make sure he has spare inputs and outputs on it to connect to the Port first.