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  • 6 October 2021
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I see lots of older posts  and threads about Sonos and Mesh setup. Have they now all been resolved ? I want to buy a Linksys Velop 4 node system, and will use that as my only WiFi - (Replacing my 1 AP now, I don’t use the Router built in WiFi)  but I want to know if it will work out of the box? 

I don’t wnat to have to go messing with settings to get specific channels setup, or not to use the bridge were the WiFi system decides what band/channel to use. So I just want plug and play really. 

Has anyone any experence of what works for them? I have a TP-Link in AP mode today, but have had to turn off the Bridge as Sonos dissapears, and I don’t want to invest in Linksys unless I know it works?

Or would I be Better off buying some AP’s and setting up a controler, and selecting the same 2.4Ghz channel (1,6,11 or whatever) on all teh AP’s and a seperate 5Ghz for my faster stuff?  What have others done here? Appricate all feedback - thanks


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5 replies

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My solution was to move my Sonos to SonosNet by wiring one of them to my router. That let me pick any WiFi setup I wanted with no restrictions. I wouldn’t recommend using a Bridge, if you must use a Boost instead.

Only issue I can’t speak to are the WiFi only Sonos like the Move and Roam, don’t have either.

I’d certainly agree with Stanley_4. use any system you want, provided you leave Sonos on its own network. There’s no single ‘recommended’ system that I’m aware of, they all have advantages and disadvantages, particularly when used with Sonos, often due to the unusual way that they break up the network, which Sonos doesn’t respond well to. Letting Sonos exist on its own SonbosNet network keeps that traffic off of the rest of your network, and simplifies connectivity for the Sonos devices. It’s pretty robust on its own, too. While I currently am not using a mesh network for my wifi, as I’m in a smaller home at this moment, I still run SonosNet for all my speakers. I’ve got a BOOST wired to my router, and separated by 3 feet ( a meter)

I agree that SonosNet is best in most cases. This will give “work out of the box” the best shot. Regardless, you will need to put your ISP’s gateway or the mesh system in bridge mode, or there will be potential for chaos. If possible, I recommend turning OFF the Gateway’s WiFi in order to reduce clutter. If this is not possible, then use a different SSID for the Gateway and mesh systems and make sure to remove the Gateway SSID from all of your wireless devices.

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I agree with everyone that using a Sonos Boost or Sonos Speaker wired to your main router to create the SonosNet is the best solution. Regarding the comment by @buzz referencing equipment provided by your ISP I'd place theirs in Bridge mode or if possible turn the WiFi off if its an integrated system wherein the router and modem are one box. 

Thanks all for the inputs


I will setup a Home mesh, and connect my Arc via Ethernet, and not use the ISP’s router at all, Thinking of using Unifi Dream Machine for the router and mesh setup. or if I go Linksys, then disable the wifi on the ISP router and just use the Linksys wifi mesh.