What happens if I string an Ethernet cable between my stereo-paired PLAY:1s?

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I have a pair of PLAY:1s in a stereo pair. Both connect to SonosNet via a BOOST. What happens if I directly connect the two speakers with an Ethernet cable? Will one of the speakers receive its communication over the wire, while the other talks to the BOOST wirelessly?

Just curious, not trying to solve any problem I'm experiencing.

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So, the tertiary mode is working via use of the wire, and one cannot see the signal strength it delivers, in the matrix.
'Signal strength'? It's wired!!! It will be delivering 100Mbps.

In my case I'm using very expensive audiophile-grade Cat 5e cable. The bits will be better, faster and more plentfiul than normal cable.
Hah...but I am treating the air in my home!
Or am I doing apples v oranges?

Bandwidth and latency might be common external parameters with which to compare wired and wireless media. But the signal strength figure is just one small part of the equation. How wide is the channel? What encoding scheme does it use? What's its error rate due to interference? Etc. Etc.

A case sort of in point: As I noted in an earlier post, a PLAY:1 literally underneath a BOOST (signal 96) ostensibly couldn't 'hear' it because it was being 'deafened' by it.