Wall Mount a Subwooer

  • 18 September 2019
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I was wondering if anyone has used the Flexson Sub Wall Mount and if so - what is it like? Sounds quality etc.


I am having some major house renovations done and I am making my TV setup look as sleek as possible. I don't want to hinder sound quality thought.




4 replies

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First I've ever heard of this mount. I don't think it would be a problem acoustically, but I'm not an expert. I find it a little odd though that Sonos sells flexon mounts on this site, but doesn't sell this sub mount. Not sure why that is.

For me personally, I don't like the look of the mount very much. It looks like a giant donut mounted on the wall. The sub itself looks fine sitting on the floor, and despite it's size, can be easily hidden behind other objects in the room. I have one in between a couch and a wall. Another one is in a corner, hiding some unsightly wires. A third is just sitting next to an entertainment center with shorter end flushed to the wall. I've heard some people actually place it underneath a bed or sofa.
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I have it. Although there is the same product far cheaper though Wayfair. It works excellently, no rattles or diminished bass but a far better and cleaner solution with the power leads hidden behind the sub.

It makes vacuuming the floor a lot easier too..... Or so I'm told😀
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Link to product on Wayfair


Thanks for the replies and sorry for my tardiness, I am knee deep in renovations and I forgot i’d ask this question until I started focusing on my TV area!


I’ll take a look at the product. Thanks!