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  • 27 February 2023
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I have a number of Sonos speakers but do not watch TV. I listen mostly to music. I would like a volume control for the speakers. I do not want to search for the phone to do this. I would like a remote control to adjust volume, start/stop the music and jump between tracks. 

I search the Sonos website and cannot find an accessory for this. What options do I have from third party supplies that are compatible with Sonos. 

Are there Zigbee hub options? Zigbee is increasingly popular with manufactures of smart products. Something that supports Beam 2 would be helpful.

Please note that I do not want to have to turn on the TV. I am aware that is an option with the Beam 2. Using Sonos products without the TV is my preferred option. Thank you. 

9 replies

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Available soon at IKEA, it will need the Hub as well but you can then add additional remotes for other rooms.


Alternatively you could use Sonos Voice control if you don’t mind talking to your speakers - on the assumption they are all device with a microphone.

Thank you for your help. Symfonisk Sound Remote Generation 2 is not available where I live.

As Sonos clearly likes to focus on “core business”, I thought there may be third party manufactures that produce accessories that will work with Sonos speaker systems. This would be possible via Zigbee which Sonos seems to support - take your Ikea example. 

I am happy with Sonos speakers from the sound and build quality. The user interface appears to be limited to the smartphone app as far as Sonos is concerned. From the example of smart homes, we know we can improve the user experience. The most basic of those is a remote. More ambitious projects try to I integrate sound into an ambient. 

What other manufactures (besides the Ikea product) provide remote (switches) that work with Sonos/Zigbee?

PS: I hate to say it ;-) but I have hit a wall with Bluetooth (want to watch YouTube on a tablet) and audible support too. 

SONOS does not support Zigbee. That’s why the Zigbee based accessories need a “hub”. Lutron offers a SONOS controller, but you’ll need their “hub”.

Thanks this is very helpful. I will look into Lutron.

OK, I have checked availability and I would not presume that Lutron is sold outside of the USA. With Amazon it may be shipped internationally. 

I would close this thread at this point, as it seems clear that accessories are limited for the Sonos. “They have what they have, check the website and if it is not there then it does not exist.” Ecosystem issues. 

It seems that you can use Home Assistant OS installed on Raspberry Pi with a Philips Hue Tap dial switch. I have not tested this myself. See Philips HUE Dial Switch - Control actions and volume of your media player


If you have Apple iPhone and Apple Watch, you can control your speakers from your Apple Watch. Maybe that's an idea for you?



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There's this too: https://rithumhome.com/

Though it would be inserted in a wall outlet.