Verizon Jetpack connecting with Sonos?

  • 19 January 2017
  • 5 replies

We have wifi through a Verizon Jetpack, does anyone know how to successfully connect Sonos through the jetpack? It looks like I cannot set the Jetpack to a static IP address, instead it applies a different IP to each device connected. I did not know if there is a way to create the static IP through my laptop and connect Sonos through that? If anyone has successfully connected a Sonos System by using the Verizon Jetpack, I'd appreciate your thoughts/information! (I have a Sonos 1, if that information is relevant).

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5 replies

Hi This works if you already had the sonos one hooked to a router by wifi and are getting rid of your router or taking the sonos one somewhere and want it hooked to a jet pack.

Right click on your current wifi and click properties or in a mobile device go to the the wifi settings.
Write down what the ssid (network) is named and what the password is
for example "my home" is the ssid and lucky123 is the password

You are going to change the jet pack ssid and password to exactly the same thing

Go to your verizon jet pack account on the internet
sign in and click on wifi in the left column
click on your primary account
change the ssid and password to exactly the ones from your current router that the sonos is hooked to

Shut off/unplug all sonos speakers

On the jet pack you should see your home router ssid and password settings now
on the jetpack menu go to wifi
in wifi click band selection and on the primary put a red dot in 2.4 and 5 ghz sonos only works on 2.4ghz

turn your sonos back on and they will connect

This will not work with a new sonos unless you can hook them up to a router somewhere by ethernet cord and get them working ,then use that routers ssid and password on your jet pack with the steps above
Exactly what @jgatie said.
I'm afraid your knowledge of IP addresses is lacking. Every router assigns a different IP address to every device connected to it. That is networking 101. I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but the fact that the Jetpack assigns a different IP to each device is not the problem, because every router in existence assigns different IPs (and BTW, the Jetpack is a router/modem combo).
Those set up instructions are meant for a home wireless network that has a static IP. Therefore when you connect, all of your devices are using the same wireless network. The Verizon Jetpack assigns a different IP per device connected. So when I connect my phone to the wifi, go through the set up process and connect the Sonos to the wife, it does not show my phone and the Sonos on the same wifi network because they are technically on different IP addresses. I can pull up the jetpack and see that both the Sonos and my phone are connected to its wifi, but they are assigned separate IP addresses. Hence the issue.

I was able to fix the issue by utilizing my laptop and changing the settings within the laptop's "network settings" to allow a device to connect through the laptop to wifi, which then allowed the Sonos to connect through the same IP within the jetpack.
Hi. I am not sure why you are thinking about IP addresses at all. Set up doesn't requure that. Just follow the instructions on the Sonos website.