Using Sonos with wifi capable Blu-Ray without internet

  • 23 November 2021
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I want to be able to use a pair of Sonos One’s with a wifi capable Blu-Ray player without actual internet access.  The application is in a motorhome with TV/HDMI connections.   I don’t have internet setup/router in the RV. 

Would like to use my iPhone accessing my Apple Music library via cellular or occasionally wifi via an RV park and playing it over the Sonos.  Also playing DVD’s, BR discs, and music files (Flac, ALAC, etc) stored on a USB drive.

There are wifi capable players, but can they set up a local network for my purposes?  


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3 replies

No. You could, however, fairly easily set up a travel router to create a local network which you could tie your Sonos devices to. However, in order to initially set them up, you do need internet access, but you could ‘initialize’ them in your home, then move them to the RV. 

However, there is no way to connect your Blu ray player to Sonos Ones. You’d need to have one of the home theater capable Sonos devices to connect to the Arc port on your TV, which are the Beam, the Arc, or the Amp. Then you could use the Sonos Ones as surround speakers, or leave them as a separate ‘room’ for music playback. 

OK, how about this.  iPhones and iPads can do peer to peer connections to Apple TV without an internet connection, thereby having access to Airplay without internet access.  Then could I connect to Sonus speakers?




No, Sonos connects to a LAN signal, not Apple’s peer to peer system.