Use Play5 Ethernet ports for PC internet access

  • 21 February 2023
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Can I use my play5 2nd gens Ethernet ports to get a LAN connection for my PC?

I have a Connect Amp connected to my router downstairs.

I’m sure that previously I connected my upstairs PC to the ethernet port on my play 5 and was able to access the internet for my PC via the play5.   

When I do this now the PC just say its a unidentified network with no internet access.

Is this possible?

I’m sure I did this a few years ago and the PC when online straight away…

Thanks in advance




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2 replies

It should be ‘possible’, if your speakers are not on Wi-Fi or SonosNet, but not advisable, for the reason that you really don’t want to share bandwidth between your computer and your music, and the Ethernet ports on a Sonos device are 10/100 only, which means it will slow down your PC.

Sonos is really not made to be part of an Ethernet daisy chain with other devices, or Wi-Fi extenders. 

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I’ve had excellent luck using an external WiFi device connected over USB when I can’t wire a PC that doesn’t have internal WiFi.


This one will be a lot faster than anything you could get using your Sonos too.

$20  -