Two homes, two networks, S1 and S2 apps necc in BOTH - HOW??!!

  • 5 December 2023
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Sonos support has not been able to assist in over 2 hours and 3 calls… I have 2 houses and spend half the year in each. Obviously, 2 separate networks. In one (let’s call it ‘A house’), all the devices work on an S2 iphone app. In the other (‘B house’) I have a ‘Connect’ that I believe works only on the S1 app. But now I foolishly bought another Five speaker for my spouse in the B house and it turns out to only work on the S2 app - which is being used for the other house setup…. She is tweaking. Is there any way to make this work?  Do I have to get a new spouse? Do I have to delete the S2 app and set things up again each time I go to the other house? Will that even work? ANY IDEAS???


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Yes it will work fine.

There are lots of ways to do what you want here, but my suggestion is either use a ‘reset’ S2 App on your own mobile, or use a reset (or newly installed) S2 App your Spouses mobile (not the Girlfriends😀) to create a new Sonos System at House B. Use the same Sonos Account and login credentials as the S2 system at Home A (recommended) …and add the new Sonos Five to that App, whilst connected to the local WiFi network. Any other S2 controller App on a mobile device that is then connected to that same WiFi network, will then discover that ‘existing’ system for you to connect to it. 

On return to Home A, again open the S2 App on a mobile device on that network and connect it back to the ‘existing’ Sonos System there… once each home has been connected to the S2 App - it will auto switch between systems as you connect to the WiFi network at each of the two locations A and B.