two different room configuration with the same speakers

  • 14 January 2022
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I have the arc, the sub (gen 3) and 2 Sonos One and I’d like to have two different room configuration with the same speakers to switch easily between them keeping their own equalizer (including True Play)

  • Watching TV. Arc + 2 Sonos One as Surround + Sub
  • Listening Music. 2 Sonos One in Stereo + Sub


Is there a way to do it? Do you think it will be included in next updates?

6 replies

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What your asking is not possible. However all components are capable of playing music as a unit which will also include Arc. 

In an extreme situation you could separate all components and create a room with just the One’s and sub. You would have to re-create your home theater room to bring everything back together. That’s  a lot of work. 

Trueplay settings are removed when a setup is broken.

Regarding your wish I seriously doubt it will become a reality. However, no one knows what Sonos may implement. It just may not be in the form you want.

Thank you for the reply :grinning: 
Who knows what can Sonos implement but if Sonos could save both configuration in your profile, the other steps could be “easily” automated.

  • From Music → TV
    1. Sonos One. Remove subwoofer 
    2. ARC. Set subwoofer
    3. Sonos One. Remove Stereo
    4. ARC. Add Sonos One as Surround 
    5. Set TV configuration stored (for not repeating the trueplay)
  • From TV → Music
    1. ARC. Remove surround.
    2. Sonos One. Setup stereo
    3. ARC. Remove subwoofer
    4. Sonos One. Add subwoofer
    5. Set Music configuration stored (for not repeating the trueplay)

Nothing new to add but to have the configurarion stored

Probably a very simplistic view but if it could be added as an option, it would increase the usability of the “rear speakers” 

It's not merely saving off a configuration.  The wireless radios actually switch modes from WiFi/Sonosnet to a direct 5GHz connection to the master unit of the home theater.  This reconfiguration requires synching up between devices, which is why configuring surrounds and/or Subs takes a while.  Reconfiguring on the fly is going to be no faster than what it takes to add/remove the units now, so there's no real point in saving off each configuration.

Hello , just to avoid to open another post i have a similiar situation with a soundbeam gen 2 + 2 symphonik bookshelf configured as surround , im planning to buy more SymphoniK bookshelves to play in other rooms , my questions are:

  1. is that possible to listen same music in 2 different rooms (one with the beam + surround as i listen now) e one with 1 or 2 symphonik
  2. is that possible setting different volumes for each room
  3. is that possible listen different things ,like my wife watching movie in one room (soundbeam+surround)  and i listen music in another one (one or 2 symphonik)

Thank you in advance and sorry for my basic english :)


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@totoscarantino Yes to all 3 of your questions.

Thank you !!!