TV and Turntable on Playbar and AMP

  • 15 January 2021
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In my living room, I have a TV with Playbar and a turntable connected to a new AMP (all Sonos S2).

It appears impossible to use the AMP as surround speakers for the Playbar, without losing the turntable input. Any suggestions? Currently, I can of course group the Playbar and AMP, but that’s not the same as a proper surround setup.

Should I convert the turntable signal to optical and then put an optical switch in from of the Playbar? Any other ideas??

1 reply

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Hi @pterhaar 

The Amp cannot do double duty when powering surrounds. However, the bigger question is why not purchase a pair of Sonos One’s (if you want a voice assistant) or Sonos One SL’s (no voice assistant) to use as surrounds.

The only reason to use and Amp for surrounds is if you have a pair of 3rd party speakers you want to use. If so your option is to purchase a Sonos Port to use with your TT or a Sonos Five and use it’s line-in connection. FYI, your TT has to be pre-amped either outboard or built-in. However, I assume you already knew that. :)