Trouble accessing playlists from WD NAS

  • 9 January 2023
  • 2 replies

I recently replaced my home NAS with a Western Digital My Cloud EX2Ultra. I have set up my FLAC library in a shared folder which Sonos is able to access through “Music Library” on the Sonos app. However, Sonos no longer can find files in this folder, when trying to play them through an m3u playlist, exported to this folder. I export these playlists from my home PC, while storing the paths relative to the exported playlist location (which is the NAS). Sonos is able to play the individual files from the playlist, which reside on this NAS location. In the past, Sonos was able to utilize these playlists. Also, I have the “Twonky” server installed on the NAS which shows up on Sonos as a media server. However, Sonos is unable to play any of the files which it sees through this server. I also have a WiiM mini, which is able to easily play the files and the exported m3u playlists from the NAS, using the Twonky media server. Is there something else Sonos requires to enable usage of “Imported Playlists” from one’s Music Library?

2 replies

Sonos Playlists store the share/path/file names in the list. Sometimes these are successfully updated if you move the library to a different path, sometimes not. Are you using the same share name for your library as the original NAS?

Thanks Buzz. Are you referring to Sonos playlists, created from within the Sonos app, or “Imported Playlists” imported from an m3u file? I assume that a playlist created from within Sonos (using files from my “Music Library”) would no longer function if the path for the Music Library files were to change. The problem I am having is with playlists created external to the Sonos app. then imported as an m3u file into the network share on the NAS. The program I use on my PC for this is JRiver Media Center, which stores the path relative to the exported playlist location (which in this instance is the music share on the NAS). This protocol seems to work flawlessly on my WiiM Mini streamer, which immediately sees, and can play, the imported playlist through the NAS Media server (Twonky). However, Sonos can see these new playlists, but fails to play them through either the network shared music folder, or the media server function.

    I suppose if I originally created all of these playlists from the files residing on the network shared folder, then Sonos would likely work with them. I can try this as a workaround, but it is not the way I prefer to manage my main music library from the files residing on my desktop PC.

Thank you so much for your reply.