tp-link Managed Switches Sucess with SONOS

  • 2 March 2018
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I recently replaced some aging Dell PowerConnect Managed Ethernet Switches with three tp-link managed Switches.

1. Master Switch - T2600G-52TS 48 Port Managed Switch
2. Satellite Switch #1 - T2600-28TS 28 Port Managed Switch
3. Satellite Switch #2 - T2500G-10TS 10 Port Managed Switch

All switches are fanless.

I powered down all SONOS components and then added them back in one at a time.

Connected to the Master Switch -T2600G-52TS
1 - SONOS Boost
2 - SONOS Play 5
2 - SONOS Connect AMP
1 - SONOS ZP100

Connected to the Satellite Switch #2 - T2500G-10TS
1 - SONOS Playbar
1 - SONOS ZP90

Wireless SONOS Components
1 - SONOS Play 5

2 - iPhones
2 - iPads
2 - Amazon Fire HD8

The system is fully functional with no drop outs.

tp-link STP Settings:

All non SONOS connected ports have STP Enabled with the STP Priority = 128, STP Path Cost - Auto and Edge Port = Disabled.

All SONOS connected ports have STP Enabled with the STP Priority = 128, STP Path Cost - 10o and Edge Port = Enabled.

The Global STP Settings are CIST Priority = 4096, Hello Time = 2 Seconds, Max Age = 20 Seconds, Forward Delay = 15 Seconds, TxHoldCount = 5pps and Max Hops = 20.

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3 replies

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Not sure if you meant STP Path Cost - 100 or 10, but they should be set to 10 (or at least 19 or lower). You also need to set the STP path cost on all switch-to-switch ports to the classic STP path cost (4 if its gigabit) otherwise your wireless bridging might take precedence over the wired cable if you have Sonos gear connected to multiple switches.

Preferably, if you can set the switches to only use classic STP (and not RSTP) you should be set without any manual configuration of the ports.
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Thanks for pointing out that I had a typo. The SONOS connected ports need to have STP Path Cost = 10. I tried editing my original post but cannot find a way to do it to correct the information.

Also thanks for pointing out the STP Path Cost = 4 for the switch -to-switch ports. This explains why one of my SONOS devices is using the wireless rather than the wired connection.

My switches are set to use STP but utilize the new standard for setting Path Cost.
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How should the Edge Port options be set on the switch to switch links?