Switching over from wi-fi to the Sonos Ethernet adaptor, after you've set it up already (on a Move2)

  • 11 December 2023
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I've already setup my Move2 to my wi-fi network...I just recieved my Sonos Ethernet adaptor...What are the steps to EASILY switch over ?Do I need to reset my Move 2, and start all over again and if so, could someone list th individual steps...Thanks...


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5 replies

Just plug it in. 


and I don't mean that in a GOOD way...

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Is the dongle to speaker connection causing you difficulties?

The dongle to Ethernet cable?

Ethernet cable to your router or switch?

Where are you stuck at?

We can get you through this!


and I don't mean that in a GOOD way...


Okay, in individual steps as requested:

  1. Plug the Ethernet cable from the router into the adapter
  2. Plug the adapter into the USB-C port on the Move 2


And if, by some chance, it doesn’t switch over to the Ethernet connection automatically then power the Move off and on again.