Switch user accounts on the Sonos app

  • 22 December 2017
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How can one switch sonos user accounts within the app?? This is in a corporate environment. Many users have home accounts, but want to associate and control the sonos at work. I would rather they just log into that account and use it (music services are already created and set up) instead of trying to associate the work system with their account.

For Example:

- User1 has their personal account ( with their system (using either android or apple phone).
- Work1 is a work account for the work system (using Everything is ready to go.

How to log out of one account and log into another account on the app in the phone? I couldn't find such a way on my android phone and other users with apple report the same.


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6 replies

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Sonos has the concept of "households", and no way to switch households except by factory-resetting the hardware. Not what you want.

You can add multiple users music accounts of course, but everyone on the network will be able to use all those accounts. I wouldn't be happy if my office-mate messed with my hand-crafted playlists or Fave-d tracks. That is the only option though.
Now that is a shame. I assumed it would be easy to just associate HW to an account, then from the app on folks phones (or PCs), switch account to control the HW in question. Seems like a proper thing to do (in my mind), but it's not what Sonos has envisioned. 😞
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Well it is possible to setup multiple households on the same network, but the controllers will randomly pick one if they find more than one. This feature lets users have a household at home and another at a vacation site, and using the same controller for both without having to do anything. However multiple households at the same physical location/network is an unsupported scenario.

You could use separate subnets to host multiple households, but most IT departments might freak out if you try.
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They can add their service credentials and get their home account. But there is no way to stop others from picking their account.

Ie let’s say 5 users have Spotify accounts. All 5 Spotify accounts can be in Sonos app and people can chose between the 5. Controller will remember last one it used. So an employee will always see this account unless changed.

Of course with Spotify they would be better off using the Spotify app to play direct to Sonos and not have their info in the Spotify app.
Actually, IT isn't a problem - that's me....

We want to have the equipment in one specific area managed by the controller app under a specific login. Users already have their own sonos (their own household). We wanted to have them log off the controller app on their phone that controls their household to log into our household in their controller app when using the facility (they would be on our network at the time).. When done, they can log off from our household and back onto theirs.

It doesn't appear to be set up that way - we will instead use a dedicated PC in that area to manage the sonos using the household that the equipment is registered to. That seems to make a cleaner delineation between company and personal assets.
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When an employee comes from there home to your office they will automatically login your office as controller. It will seamlessly move back and forth between the house and office.