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  • 25 September 2023
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Hi everyone,

I have a studio space with high ceilings, 10x7m size. I’m wanting to play immersive sound for yoga etc, and on other occasions use a projector for presentations, movies etc. 

The layout (using my current speakers) could be 4 x Era300 in each ceiling corner, working as mono and grouped, and I could use beam soundbar for the projector. 

Ideally I’d use my soundbar, sub and rear Era300s as a surround setup for movies, and then all speakers working as monos for immersive sound when playing music. 
If I set up the surround as above for movies, will the extra Era300s in the ‘front left and front right’ positions try to play along with the movie (but out of sync) if they’re grouped so I can use them all together for immersive music?
Or is the only way to have the sub/beam for movies and grouped mono Era300 x 4 for music? 
Seems unfortunate to sacrifice the rear surrounds during movies and likewise sacrifice the sub and beam for music playback! 
Or is there a way…

Sorry if that’s hard to follow!  Thanks for any advice.  


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2 replies

Placing Era 300s in the corner ceiling is not a good idea.  They are designed to by placed at ear level, and will send out the top and sides, as well as center.  Placing them in the corner ceiling is blocking off the audio in 3 of the 4 directions they send audio.  Pretty much every other Sonos speaker would be a better option for this position.

As far as home theatre goes, the rear speakers used are bonded to the soundbar.  You can’t have the rear speakers play music while the soundbar is silent.  You would need to unbond them everytime you want to use them for surrounds.  Like wise, you can’t use 2 additional speakers in the front play home theatre audio, as they will be out of sync.


My recommendation, if you’re buying new equipment here, is to get 2 amps with 2 pairs of passive speakers.  You can bond the two amps together for a home theatre setup, so that you are using all 4 speakers with the projector, plus a faux center channel.  For music all 4 channels can be used, or just the 2 in the front if you wish.  Yes, you will need to do some wiring, but you’re going to need to do that anyway to connect the projector to soundbar/amp and you won’t have to get electrical outlet placed in the speaker locations.

Thanks for the advice!