Streaming from AV Receiver to Sonos system

  • 4 September 2022
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Forgive me if this has been discussed where I missed it, but…

I’ve read a lot about the difficulty with should lag when playing from Sonos Connect, Port or similar through an AV receiver using DSP, assuming I want synced music from both the Sonos zones and the AVR’s wired speakers.  From what I gather, setting speaker output on the AVR to 2-channel/direct is the only workaround (and still dependent on the AVR model) as it reduces the DSP time to more closely sync with the Sonos.

What about a scenario where instead of the Port or Connect originating the source music and running line into the AVR, the AVR originates the source signal and sends line out to the Connect?  It looks like many AVRs now support various streaming services.

Thanks for any thoughts. 


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2 replies

A Line-In signal incurs a delay through the Sonos system of at least 75ms. If network conditions are unfavourable it could be longer. Unless you were lucky enough that the AVR delay matched the Sonos delay you’d hear an echo.

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The AVR delay differs, here I had one that stereo direct worked as well as dual (front/rear) stereo but not with equalization or multi-channel processing. Other one only did stereo direct, anything else I’ve fooled with had a delay.