Starlink + Ethernet adapter + mesh?

  • 4 August 2023
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Hi all-


We have a home that has been on Centurylink but we’re planning to switch to Starlink. 5 speaker system. I’ve read a few similar posts on this but wanted to ask specifically - if i get the Starlink plus ethernet adapter, use a mesh network, and plug one of the speakers in with ethernet so that they use the Sonos network, do you think that will work?




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5 replies

I would think so. There’s a test case thread from yesterday out there for someone to try, but I can’t think of any reason it shouldn’t. The StarLink system I have access to does not have the Ethernet adapter, so I can’t test. And without that adapter, there is zero opportunity to plug in an Ethernet cable anywhere. 

I've tried a number of suggested fixes and called support line - it is not supported. 

I just added a PLAY:5 gen 2 to a StarLink setup, without significant issues. 

I have tried with Starlink and failed.


I have tried with Starlink and failed.


Following numerous phone and chat calls, and including the email to the address, given for the CEO earlier this year, they admitted that star link was “not supported”. 

I can see no logical reason why this should be so.


I can see no logical reason why this should be so.


Given it can be 20 to 50 times faster than many terrestrial providers and is gaining significant marketshare, you would think that the organisation would make this a priority

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How do the ping times compare to a ground based service?

Haven’t used satellite for a while but I recall the aggravations 2000 ms pings caused in so many things I tried to use.